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House Changes April 16, 2014

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My living room is 95% done.


I bought patterned fabric for our dining room window, and a solid blue for the living room. The blues didn’t match though, so I had to return my solid blue fabric (sorry UPS Guy) and reorder. My second attempt was a success.

Small_0329809 Small_EL-229It’s just so much fabric, I’m totally intimidated. Maybe tonight…


The curtains and the cover for my glider, and I’ll be done, though, and that would be totally awesome.

Our new dining table AD580-45was delivered last week too, and that is probably my favorite change at this point. It is considerably smaller than what we had, and it created so much space. We also got rid of the dog crate, since Sarge is fine if we have to leave (we still make him stay in the kitchen, even though he’d probably be fine whole-house), but we did replace it with two giant dog beds; at least we can store those away easily if we need to.





The last big house thing we wanted to do was put up solar screens on all of our west-facing windows. It gets so hot in here in the summer, there’s nothing to block the sun at all. I planted bushes, but they are puny and not offering any shade yet.  Jake cut and assembled the frames for me, and I just need (haha,”just”…one screen takes me all day) to put the screens in the frames and then the frames in the windows. We’re using velcro so we can take them down in the winter when we want it to be warm.


So…all that said…


We just put in an offer on a piece of land with the intention of building our dream house. We’ll know for sure in the next couple of weeks, but isn’t that always how it goes? Get everything juuuust right, and poof, decide to move. (Not like this will happen any time soon, but still.)


Homemade Christmas: Mugs November 16, 2013

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This year all of our gifts are handmade. I’ve finished one gift for a sister-in-law, and the rest are all piled around the house in various stages of completion.

Today we tackled the mugs for the grandmas. This one was a bigger kids only project, since we used Sharpies (oil based ones) and there’s no way I’d let Hazel within 100 feet of an oil based paint pen.

I followed this tutorial, and based on a different note I saw elsewhere on Pinterest, we used the oil based markers rather than the usual office type ones. It seems to have turned out well, although the colors darkened in the oven, so what we originally put on the mugs isn’t what it ended up looking like. Since it was kid drawings, it is fine, but if you spent a ton of time on a particular design I think you’d be disappointed at the change.

ImageThis is Adeline’s half of one of the mugs and her original drawing. The top line on the mug was originally blue, and the bottom one was red, if that gives you an idea of what happened to the colors.