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Oh, hi there! August 5, 2013

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Whoops. Been awhile, hasn’t it? Seven months and not a word to say? I’ve missed two birthday posts too. Bummer.

Quick catch up…

Hazel turned one. She’s just…the best. She cracks me up with her dramatics (and makes me want to pull out my hair sometimes too). She’s into everything and so very smart; she watches the big kids and tries to do everything they do. Adeline is still fantastic with her and Lucy is learning to get along with Hazel a little better everyday. She’s still not talking much, which is par for the course for my kids. She says “hi doggie” and what we translate as “hi cat”. We didn’t get far with the baby signs with her, although she does know ‘all done’ and ‘milk’. She loves animals as much as Lucy did at this age and luckily all of our pets and occasional friend’s pets have been open to her constant hugging. She’s almost just as affectionate with us as well, which is nice. I don’t remember either of the other two being as huggy.

Lucy. Oh Lucy.  I love this kid so very much but oh my goodness is she ever…Lucy. Some days? Awesome. Other days? I’m researching boarding schools and fearing the teenage years to the point of just wanting to go curl up in bed and not get up until she’s 20. I just feel like I can’t quite figure her out, like there’s something she needs or something she’s trying to communicate to us that I’m just not getting. It’s frustrating, both because I’m not getting her, and also because my not getting her has some terrible consequences as far as her behavior goes, and I’m almost positive it is very much due to her being frustrated a lot of the time.

Adeline is four and a half, and she is very happy about that-we get reminded almost daily. She did three different camps this summer, soccer, pee wee sports, and tumbling. She did really good at the soccer, and I’m thinking her talents do not lie in gymnastics. This fall we’re going to get her onto an actual soccer team. She’s such an easy kid, so much fun to be around and interact with. She’s on a huge ‘be helpful’ kick, and I feel no shame in taking full advantage of that. She’s also really into being polite and using manners lately, which has been fun. I wish I could get her to extend her helpful manners and politeness into her interactions with Lucy though…

Yet-To-Be-Named Baby…She (we don’t know for sure, but you can’t blame me for defaulting to girl) is due in mid-January. She’s to blame for much of the silence over the past few months-the first trimester is always rough. That’s all passing though, so my energy is up and I’m feeling more human. Coupled with the usual first trimester blahs, I’m dealing with depression, which comes and goes. Right now, it is gone (well, ‘gone’), but I’m just coming out of a rough couple of weeks. Between my doctor and I, we decided that the benefits of being on meds were less than the risks the meds pose to the baby, so for now I’m toughing it out with the promise that after I deliver I’ll have an rx in hand, and the understanding that if I stop being able to manage on my own, we’ll revisit the meds conversation.


Today was our first day of school-we officially started our homeschool curriculum. I’m really excited, and when Jake got up for work today (he’s on night shifts this week) Adeline told him right away some of the things we talked about. I’m mostly focusing on her right now, and letting Lucy just kind of tag along when she feels like it (which means she participates in the art projects and ignores the rest). I’m trying really hard to be relaxed about it and not be to rigid. I can get so stuck on the way I want things to be, or the way I imagine them to be, and then having them not work out throws me all off. I’m really, really hoping we can get into a good groove with this and it can be our long-term plan as far as school goes. Since we’ve discovered the Parks and Rec programs that give us more social exposure, it is feeling more and more like the homeschool route is going to be possible.


So that’s where we are.


Disasters and Failures January 16, 2013

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Lucy was supposed to be in time out. I can’t remember for what, not listening about something or other. I was sitting at the table helping Adeline with some tanagrams, and Jake had the baby.


Lucy was supposed to be in time out, but she wasn’t.  She was in the bathroom attempting to flush a half a roll of Quilted Northern. In case you were curious, our plumbing can’t accommodate a half a roll of toilet paper, and the toilet was over flowing. I’m not sure why it took Lucy so very long to get upset about the fact that water was pouring over the side of the toilet, but by the time she started crying, it was out of the bathroom and into the hallway and both of the kids’ bedrooms-deep water, waves of it. The handle to turn off the water to the toilet wouldn’t turn, and luckily Jake can think on his feet and he used the plunger handle to wedge some part inside of the tank up so the water stopped flowing.


Our flooring, the floor that we paid for and Jake laid, is ruined. We ripped a good bit of it out tonight to try to prevent mold, and we’ll get the rest tomorrow.  I’m calling the landlord to see if by some great measure of generosity they will be willing to replace some of our floor, and if not, we’ll be making a trip to the Home Depot in town-and by “we” I mean me and the kids, because I know so very much about choosing flooring. And this means Jake will spend his one day off over the next week replacing the floor rather than enjoying a day off.


I know she had no idea what the consequences of her actions would be. I also know that earlier this afternoon, after I found her having unrolled almost an entire roll of toilet paper, we discussed how you only use a little bit. I know that I shouldn’t be, but I’m angry with her. This kid, man. She’s so incredible, she’s so awesome, but oh, she’s so frustrating. Every day it feels like I get to the end of my rope with her. I just…I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I pretend I don’t see her doing things she’s not supposed to do because seriously? She’d spend nearly all day in time out.  I don’t know what other consequences to offer, either. We aren’t a spanking family, so other than time out, what else is there? I’m so worried that the issues we are having are because I am not stimulating her enough. This doesn’t feel like a typical case of the terrible twos, this feels like more, but I don’t know what it is or what to do about it. And I’m so afraid this is all starting to wear away at our relationship. I’m trying so hard to be very careful, but after disciplining someone eighty times for something, it is hard to keep your cool on the 81st, you know? My tone, my choice of words, start to deteriorate after a while, and I’m so worried that it is getting to the point that it might be doing actual harm because it is making her feel bad beyond just the getting in trouble for something feeling bad.  I don’t know. She’s wearing me out, that’s for sure, and I hope that either I get better at all of this or she moves on to a new phase.






Some Excitement August 5, 2012

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So. Yesterday. It was A Day. One of those really frustrating days where the words “Are you KIDDING me?” escaped my lips over and over.


Finally, finally we got to dinner time. I was so relieved. The kids would be contained from that point on-dinner to bath to (thank goodness) bed. As I was dishing out the food, I though to myself “I smell baby powder”. I can’t even remember what made me come out of the kitchen, but I hadn’t been mistaken about the smell. Lucy had dumped almost an entire jar of powder all over the house, and Adeline helped by walking through it. That stuff is hard to clean up.


We made it through dinner and bath and Lucy’s furious protestations at being put to bed with no stories (the consequence for the powder incident). I had just sat down to feed Hazel and Adeline screamed for me from her room. I want in to her and she had her hand on her face and I thought she had told me she had a big spider on her nose. But no, what she was saying was that there was a big marble IN her nose.  It wasn’t a marble, it was a plastic bead smaller than a pea. She wouldn’t cooperate for me to get it out, so Jake took her into the urgent care when he got home from work (maybe 20 minutes after it actually happened). Gotta love a small town, they were in and out in less than a half hour, with a big sneeze being the thing that ultimately took care of the issue.




Lucy July 11, 2012

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I went back in my archives to see what I wrote for Lucy’s first birthday. I’m not really huge on the whole birthday post thing, but hahaha man I must be psychic.


I love this kid fiercely.  I don’t believe it is possible to love her any other way.

These last few months have seen her develop by leaps and bounds. Talking! Helping herself to milk just like her dada does-straight out of the carton. She shouts “eat!” at me when she’s hungry-and she is always hungry. One of her new phrases is “no, ME!” because now she wants to do everything herself. She loves to name off everyone in the family-except she can’t say Hazel or Ranger, so she calls them Baby and Puppy. She follows Adeline everywhere and tries to do everything  Adeline does.

She is fearless when it comes to  climbing. She is afraid of men she doesn’t know well. She won’t touch anything fuzzy or that moves in unexpected ways. She loves her dogs and cats, and her sisters.

From the minute she wakes up in the morning, she is on the move. I can hear her in her room talking to herself and playing. She doesn’t stop moving, except to eat, all day and then she ends up in bed before 7 every night because she is just so worn out.

This next year is going to be a lot of fun.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.




The View From Here… April 9, 2012

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Things to remember… February 8, 2012

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Yesterday some of Jake’s friends stopped by, and they had their dog in the back of their truck. Lucy saw him and was just beside herself with excitement. They brought him in for her to pet, and then sent him back to the truck. For the rest of the time they were there, all she could do was try to get back to that dog. She tried to  climb the fence to get to him, and when that didn’t work, she found a tennis ball (which the dog was absolutely not interested in) and stood at the fence waving the ball around and making a kiss-kiss noise trying to get the dog to come back to her. I guess the kid needs a puppy.

Adeline has been picking up phrases lately and her newest one is “it was here in a minute ago”. And she keeps telling me that she’s going to do something for two minutes, or that she’s had something for two years.

She’s really getting into the baby thing, and she talks about how Hazel is still growing and she can’t come until she’s big enough to fit into her new pajamas.


Adeline tells me that she’s going to be tiny, or that she’s not a big girl a lot recently. Then other times she’ll mention that she’s going to get as big as me, or that she’s growing just like Lucy is.

She is really into eggs and hatching, but she says that her eggs are “catching”.

If I’m cooking something, she likes to help-which means she stands on a chair next to me and grabs my hand before I add ingredients and exclaims “Just don’t make a mess mama!” Thanks for that kid.


I can see the future… November 4, 2011

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I’m probably jinxing myself with this, but I think we are getting to the end of this rough phase we’ve been going through for the past few months.

Adeline had a classic case of the Terrible Twos, and Lucy was just being age-appropriate, but I find months 12-18 particularly challenging. (Seriously, if I could just give birth to 18-month-olds I totally would. I will take a herd of tantruming two-year-olds over a toddler who doesn’t have any concept of the word no or personal safety. I despise repeating myself, and that is with a toddler.)


Lucy is responding to no now and following simple directions. Adeline’s language is totally exploding, from her pronunciation to her use of proper speech. Tantrums and melt-downs are becoming fewer and farther between, and I’m able to talk her through them a lot easier now too. The one issue that seems to be getting worse is that the kids seem to be fighting with each other a lot more, but I think that’s just to be expected. There’s a lot of grabbing and jealousy-if one has something, the other one suddenly NEEDS it. It is hugely aggravating, but eventually I’ll either figure out how to deal with it better or they’ll start getting along.


I am getting super excited about the holidays this year. Adeline really gets it, and it is going to be so much fun. The hardest part is going to be reining ourselves in. She’s so awesome, it is hard to not just get everything we think that she might like. Lucy shows a lot more interest in things than Adeline did at 17 months, so I think she’s going to be really fun this Christmas too. The only problem with her is that we already HAVE everything, so I’m having a hard time figuring out what her fun and special gifts are going to be. We do clothes and shoes and practical stuff as gifts, but I want to give them fun stuff too, and toys that they will be able to call their own. With three girls that are going to be so close in age, holidays are going to get tricky.

Supposedly three is harder than two, but I’ve also heard that it is way fun because it is when they really start wanting to be independent, which I am all for. I feel like I have this great easy break coming up between Lucy turning two and the new baby hitting the Age of Doom. I’m sure there’s some phase waiting around the corner to ambush me, but for now, I’ll take it!