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Baby Steps December 31, 2015

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Progress so far: I got the out of season clothes for the kids sorted and boxed up. My goal is to move the next sizes into the appropriate closets, but for now they’re boxed and labeled.


The before, this is all the clothes that are outgrown or out of season, there’s more outside of the picture.

These are the bags of clothes, divided up to donate or sell.

Today I’m going through their current clothes and sorting and organizing. Right now, we have a “family closet” where I keep the older girls’ clothes as well as ours, and then the little girls’ clothes go into a dresser in Hazel’s room. (I don’t want the big girls hauling laundry up the stairs, it just works easier this way for now.)

The kid clothes are done, and I got Jake’s and my clothes sorted and reorganized the closet, and organized and found a new home for our linens.

I’m imagining it would be more effective to actually read the whole book and then start this process, but I’m being impatient so I’ll go back and make corrections as I go along, although I realize that’s not the most efficient way. I’m also not very good at following directions.

So far, I feel like this is going to be a really effective strategy, but I’m going back and forth between feeling really excited about getting through the process and extremely overwhelmed and stressed because on top of doing the KonMari steps, I also have to maintain the house in the meantime, as well as the animals. This morning I spent nearly an hour hauling water five gallons at a time from the house to the horse trough because the hose was frozen and I couldn’t run it to refill water. My hope this weekend is that I can really jump in with both feet while Jake helps with the kids. We’re supposed to have pretty weather until Monday, so fingers crossed the forecast stays favorable for booting the kids outside so I can work!



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