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Making Changes December 28, 2015

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I’m at  the end of my rope right now, it feels like everything is just all chaotic and generally out of control. Every time I turn around, I’ve forgotten something, lost something, didn’t do something I should have/needed to/wanted to do. I feel like I spend so much time trying to get organized that it’s all I do. Over and over I’d seen references to KonMari, so I bought the book and am starting the process.


My goal is to achieve a clutter free life so that I can have peace in my home and mind. I want to become more efficient with my time and money, and more purposeful in my actions. I need to eliminate the mess so I can focus on things that I’d like to do-my ultimate goal is to open a small shop selling handmade clothing and other items.


Here goes nothing. Step one-kids’ out of season clothes and shoes.


One Response to “Making Changes”

  1. Nicole H Says:

    Keep me posted on what you think about the book!

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