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Nine Months? February 5, 2015

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Goodness, I could have grown an entire person since I last posted here.

The last nine months in a nutshell:

-We didn’t end up buying land. We found a house instead, and it is amazing.


-I lost a beloved family member.

-Adeline became the proud owner of two ferrets, Mojo from Craigslist and Lily from a local pet store.

-My anxiety and depression reached epic levels and I had a hard time coping.

-We have added a new family member, his name is Bravo and he is a mastiff mix from the Humane Society near Show Low.


-My depression and anxiety have been much better lately, and I am so lucky to have so much love and support from my family while I struggle,

-Yesterday, Jake found a person who is getting rid of a flock of chickens and two roosters, and they are now ours.

-I am now obsessed with reading about how to raise chickens.

-Jake bought me an embroidery machine. My plans to become an actual sewing business have been confirmed, and I am in the beginning stages of becoming compliant so I can turn what I love into something I love into a source of income (or at least something to fund my obsession with buying new fabric).


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