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Homemade Christmas: Mugs November 16, 2013

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This year all of our gifts are handmade. I’ve finished one gift for a sister-in-law, and the rest are all piled around the house in various stages of completion.

Today we tackled the mugs for the grandmas. This one was a bigger kids only project, since we used Sharpies (oil based ones) and there’s no way I’d let Hazel within 100 feet of an oil based paint pen.

I followed this tutorial, and based on a different note I saw elsewhere on Pinterest, we used the oil based markers rather than the usual office type ones. It seems to have turned out well, although the colors darkened in the oven, so what we originally put on the mugs isn’t what it ended up looking like. Since it was kid drawings, it is fine, but if you spent a ton of time on a particular design I think you’d be disappointed at the change.

ImageThis is Adeline’s half of one of the mugs and her original drawing. The top line on the mug was originally blue, and the bottom one was red, if that gives you an idea of what happened to the colors.


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