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What’s for dinner this week August 30, 2013

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I keep swearing that I’m going to get some sort of master meal plan/grocery list set up so I don’t have to go through the aggravation of having to do it over and over again each week, and I keep not doing it.  If I could get maybe six week’s worth done I think we’d be set.


This week:

Friday-Lentil tacos and Mexican rice

Saturday-Sweet and Spicy Chicken/corn/potato salad

Sunday-Pasta with spinach and ricotta

Monday-Salmon/veggies/brown rice

Tuesday-Halal chicken

Wednesday-stuffed peppers



I’m trying to do one new recipe a week, this week it’s the Mexican rice. That’s kind of lame-just doing a side-but I was really trying to shop to the ad so that’s the best I could do. There’s also no beef most of the week, we’re trying to stop eating anything but grass-fed and that’s very expensive and therefore a rare treat. I’ll use ground turkey in the stuffed peppers and see if that passes with my husband. I snuck sloppy joe’s made with turkey last week and he didn’t notice so hopefully if I can find enough with turkey that he likes he won’t miss the beef as much.


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