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Happy Birthday! March 11, 2013

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We’ve been here before, a couple of times now. Another first in our house-a first birthday.


Oh, Hazel. My bubs. You’re fast as lightening and can move from one end of the house to the other in the blink of an eye. You don’t walk yet, even though you took a couple of steps the other day. I suspect you realize that, right now, crawling will get you there faster.


Lately you’ve been developing opinions, and you put up a fight every single time I try to put you in your high chair, even when I know you are hungry. Then once you accept your fate, you crane your neck to see what it is I am bringing you. Incidentally, you eat everything, although you seem to have a very particular fondness of cheese, and you’re rather tired of Cheerios and those end up on the floor.


You would let me throw you up into the air over and over. You adore playing with your sisters, especially Adeline. You love your dada, and that was your first word, “dada”. You’ve trained Ranger how to gently take food from your hands, because she learned if she makes you cry by being too rough, she gets shooed away. You still get disciplined by the cats on a regular basis, and I wonder if you will ever learn.


In just the last couple of days, you’ve started making the greatest facial expressions, and you answer questions with an enthusiastic nod.


I love you to the moon sweet girl. Happy birthday!


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