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Disasters and Failures January 16, 2013

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Lucy was supposed to be in time out. I can’t remember for what, not listening about something or other. I was sitting at the table helping Adeline with some tanagrams, and Jake had the baby.


Lucy was supposed to be in time out, but she wasn’t.  She was in the bathroom attempting to flush a half a roll of Quilted Northern. In case you were curious, our plumbing can’t accommodate a half a roll of toilet paper, and the toilet was over flowing. I’m not sure why it took Lucy so very long to get upset about the fact that water was pouring over the side of the toilet, but by the time she started crying, it was out of the bathroom and into the hallway and both of the kids’ bedrooms-deep water, waves of it. The handle to turn off the water to the toilet wouldn’t turn, and luckily Jake can think on his feet and he used the plunger handle to wedge some part inside of the tank up so the water stopped flowing.


Our flooring, the floor that we paid for and Jake laid, is ruined. We ripped a good bit of it out tonight to try to prevent mold, and we’ll get the rest tomorrow.  I’m calling the landlord to see if by some great measure of generosity they will be willing to replace some of our floor, and if not, we’ll be making a trip to the Home Depot in town-and by “we” I mean me and the kids, because I know so very much about choosing flooring. And this means Jake will spend his one day off over the next week replacing the floor rather than enjoying a day off.


I know she had no idea what the consequences of her actions would be. I also know that earlier this afternoon, after I found her having unrolled almost an entire roll of toilet paper, we discussed how you only use a little bit. I know that I shouldn’t be, but I’m angry with her. This kid, man. She’s so incredible, she’s so awesome, but oh, she’s so frustrating. Every day it feels like I get to the end of my rope with her. I just…I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I pretend I don’t see her doing things she’s not supposed to do because seriously? She’d spend nearly all day in time out.  I don’t know what other consequences to offer, either. We aren’t a spanking family, so other than time out, what else is there? I’m so worried that the issues we are having are because I am not stimulating her enough. This doesn’t feel like a typical case of the terrible twos, this feels like more, but I don’t know what it is or what to do about it. And I’m so afraid this is all starting to wear away at our relationship. I’m trying so hard to be very careful, but after disciplining someone eighty times for something, it is hard to keep your cool on the 81st, you know? My tone, my choice of words, start to deteriorate after a while, and I’m so worried that it is getting to the point that it might be doing actual harm because it is making her feel bad beyond just the getting in trouble for something feeling bad.  I don’t know. She’s wearing me out, that’s for sure, and I hope that either I get better at all of this or she moves on to a new phase.






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