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January 12, 2013

Filed under: A Better Me — themamabeth @ 12:36 pm

I was dreading this week’s grocery trip after last week’s nightmare, but things went really well today! I made extra sure to make a huge deal about how awesome they were and how proud I was.


What didn’t go so well was staying on budget. I guess I’m just going to have to increase the grocery budget. I’m not entirely sure what I was trying to work with before is even do-able for a non-couponing family of five, so I’m going to up it by $100 a month to see if I can stick to it. (We are so very lucky that going over budget only means that I have to make a cell on my spreadsheet red rather than green for the pay period, and it doesn’t mean that we have to give something up or not put gas in the car or something.)


I’m hoping this is going to be  The Week when everything falls into place and we can really nail down a good routine. We did pretty well this week with our projects and purposeful activities. I still need to spend some more time doing Things and less time putzing around on the internet. There’s apparently some sort of app or something that blocks Facebook and I’m planning on checking into that. I have a pile of sewing projects to get done, as well as a big project on the knitting needles that MUST get finished (ah, it might actually be my mom’s Christmas present).  Once again I find myself full of ambition and not full of time or energy. So frustrating.






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