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The Beginning December 31, 2012

Filed under: A Better Me,Family — themamabeth @ 9:48 am

I love new years. It feels so hopeful, all of the things that can come over the next twelve months. I love resolutions and making them, though I’ll admit I’m not so great at keeping them. Luckily I don’t feel much guilt when they fall by the wayside.


My resolution list for 2013 is pretty hefty. I have hobby goals, household goals, financial goals and personal goals. I want to see if I can start an Etsy shop this summer, get our house together in an actually decorated sense,  build up some really significant savings as well as making some larger purchases of things that we’ve been wanting, and get myself a little more put together. I want to get both of the big kids involved in activities and really buckle down with homeschooling. I want to learn more about photography and postprocessing.


It just feels so exciting. I love new beginnings.


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