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December 9, 2012

Filed under: A Better Me — themamabeth @ 9:55 pm

Today was…not so good. Things feel off somehow, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.
Things started out so promising! I got to sleep in, which I needed SO much what with Hazel’s not-so-great sleeping habits on top of some issues Lucy is dealing with at four AM every blessed morning.


Then Jake took the big kids to the park, and I was prepared to finish!all!the!things! while they were gone. I guess my plans were a little over ambitious, and they walked in the door as I was mopping the kitchen floor-the second item on my to-do list. They were gone three hours. Oops.


Adeline had a rough time at the park and refused to get out of the car. I got her out and we handled that, only to run into several other instances of ugly behavior through the day.  We came to the conclusion that a lot of her issues are due to hunger and we need to be more on top of how often she’s eating. Sometimes we get busy in our days and miss snacks or meals come late, and that is coming with a very high price in terms of behavior. It is such a simple fix, I hope it works.


I’m sitting here watching the football game (Go Lions!), all of the dinner dishes are sitting in the kitchen, which I know I will regret tomorrow, but oh well. I just…don’t want to deal with them tonight.


At the beginning of this month, things seemed to be going really well. We did the calendar every day! And crafts! And the house was clean and I was on top of the chores! And then, slowly, things started falling apart. And here I sit, with a load of clothes in the washer, all of the clean laundry is in baskets, dinner dishes are not done, floor is not mopped (which is very evident by the condition of the knees of Hazel’s outfit from today, ick) the calendar is not done…


It is occurring to me (I’m a slow learner) that I am trying to do too much, but then, maybe not? Because when I’m doing all!the!things! I’m happy. I feel good and accomplished, and it is days like today when I fall behind, that feel awful.


I think I need to really pay attention to how I am spending my time and I also need to start being more intentional with my days. I feel like I am thisclose to a really great rhythm for our household, but there are one or two little things holding me back. I’m going to give myself tomorrow morning to get the house in order, and then brush off my lists and calendars and get back on track.


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