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Cooking for a week October 2, 2012

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On Sunday I posted this picture to my Facebook:

That was the product of an entire day’s worth of cooking. The kids and I are in Phoenix for the week visiting my dad, leaving Jake to his own devices. Last time we did this I dropped $100 on crappy frozen food and other junk, and I couldn’t face doing that again. So, I cooked and cooked. And cooked. I’ve heard of the whole once-a-month cooking thing, and I am not sure I will ever be able to pull that off.  Cooking for a week just about did me in. All those dishes? Got left sitting there until the next morning.

Here is the menu:

Enchiladas: I don’t use a recipe. I boil the chicken, shred it in my mixer, toss in a can of green chiles and roll them up in corn tortillas. I use this red sauce. Top with shredded cheese, bake @ 325 for about a half hour.

Enchilada stuffed peppers (I use beef instead of quinoa per Jake’s request.)

Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, frozen veggie

Chicken Parmesan with this marinara


Meatloaf [from an actual cookbook], mashed potatoes, veggie

chocolate chip cookies


So yeah.That was kind of a pain, and I swore at the time I would never, ever do it again. But the idea of not having to cook every day is veeeery tempting. I might try it again, but next time toss in more crockpot meals. I’m thinking maybe I can do a week a month? We’ll see.

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