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State of Affairs September 23, 2012

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It occurred to me today, as I shifted the huge, full laundry basket from the chair to the floor, that the state of the laundry in our house reflects my state of mind at any given time. Currently all of our laundry baskets are full of clean laundry, none of it is in any sort of order. And that is how I am feeling right now-all out of order.


They’re here again, the Sads. I keep saying I need to start documenting this, to see if there is a pattern or a trigger. Problem with the Sads is that they don’t leave a lot of motivation for doing anything, and then once they are gone it is too easy to forget them and move on without making note of the details.


I feel like I am more aware of it this time, and I told Jake today that I was feeling inexplicably sad. Jake is an awesome husband, but he is particularly good at dealing with me when I am not at my best. Fingers  crossed that this time things pass quickly and I can get back to normal. I don’t like being sad.


One Response to “State of Affairs”

  1. Sorry friend. 😦

    I can DEFINITELY relate! Do you have Netflix, by chance? I just watched “happy” today on Netflix and it was actually pretty inspiring!

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