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Priorities September 4, 2012

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We have a ton of traveling this month, the girls and I are spending a lot of time in Phoenix to help out at my dad’s. So, obviously it is important I clean off the DVR and get rid of all of the draft posts I never published.

There are actually some things I need to get done so I can go in peace, and come home and not lose my mind.

*ask mom to put out the pack-n-play, exersaucer and dog crate

*pull out donation stuff to drop off at Goodwill

*organize homeschool art projects and calendar to take


  • pick up; cabinets, fridge    (wipe down)
  • figure out food-make lists for Jake; leave cash
  • wash curtains-finish panel and make supply list for sink window
  • take out trash/recycle, pick up groceries (cat food, road snacks, stuff for Jake)

*dining/living room

  • table
  • bookshelf/sewing area
  • dust
  • fish tank-new water
  • clean out dog crate
  • put away laundry


  • medicine cabinet
  • walls
  • tub toys
  • wipe down
  • fix shelf


  • walls


  • sheets
  • pick up

*packing-pool toy


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