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Skunked-one year ago September 3, 2012

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Well, the dog training has hit a big fat brick wall.

Three nights ago I went to let the dogs out before I went to bed, just like I always do. Except this time, there was a skunk in the yard, a skunk who was not pleased to be confronted by two curious, excited dogs. To give the skunk credit, it did try to run away, but the dogs were persistent and the skunk had no choice but to spray. And spray it did. Holy goodness.

So apparently along with the awful smell, skunk spray burns, and Leika got it full in the face. So her first instinct was to come running up to me and rub her face all over my pants. Awesome. So now I have two stinky dogs and a stinky me, and no idea how to even begin to start fixing any of it.

I figured the dogs needed to be bathed right away, but everything I needed for bathing was inside. I figured I could corral the dogs in the dog room while I got what I needed, but Leika bolted for the couch trying to rub the burn off of her face. I got her into her room, where she started rubbing all over her bed-so now we have stinky dogs, stinky me, stinky couch and stinky dog beds.

I got them back outside and bathed-and at that point I was getting really concerned because Leika actually let me spray her directly in the face with the hose, which is totally unheard of for her.  I got them bathed and dry and brought them back in the house (because at this point we didn’t have anywhere outside to keep them.)

While looking up ways to start getting rid of the stink, I was informed by the internet that under no circumstances was I to let the dogs back into the house until they were de-skunked because the stink will travel all over the house. Awesome. And travel it did. I spent most of the night walking around spraying white vinegar everywhere trying to at least do some damage control, and then I gave up and went to bed.

The next morning when I woke up, Jake was already home from work. He said he smelled it the second he got out of his car (ps-Dear Neighbors, I’m really, really sorry). So he got the dogs back outside and threw away the giant pile of clothes and towels and dog beds I had sitting outside the back door. He then proceeded to spend hours and hours in the hot sun, after working for 12 hours overnight, building the rest of the dog run so we had somewhere to keep the dogs until the smell could be taken care of. I spend the day scrubbing every surface in our house with vinegar and peroxide.


The post stopped there, I found this in my draft folder. We ended up having to totally replace our living room furniture after that. We still smell skunk occasionally, so it’s still around.


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