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School Days August 12, 2012

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We have tentatively decided to home school the kids. The decision isn’t made for sure yet, there are some factors that will make the final decision for us-mostly how much extra curricular and social activities I can find to participate in.


While everyone is young and I can’t do any real long term damage, I figured we’d give it a go and see how we can do. So, school starts tomorrow! I’m going to go with the tried-and-true letter a week curriculum and add on from there. I have set up a loose schedule to try to follow.


We are starting with the letter A, so our art project tomorrow will be an alligator. For this one I am going to cut all the pieces tonight and let the kids assemble it tomorrow. I have to get some left-handed scissors for Adeline before we can get her cutting on her own, her hands just really seem to struggle with the scissors that we have right now.  For the afternoon we will try some color matching activities with pompoms and egg cartons.


Baby steps and a slow start, but I am excited. Lucy is really talking now, and she’s adding new words every day. Last night we were reading an alphabet book and she was saying the letters with me, so I am thinking she’s ready to start doing some actual structured activities and actually benefit from them.


3 Responses to “School Days”

  1. What long term damage are you afraid of doing? NO one is going to school your kids as well as you do, trust me.

    • themamabeth Says:

      I just don’t have that confidence yet. We are going to see how the preschool thing goes. I’m afraid I’m not patient or disciplined enough to do this right.

      • We will keep you in prayer, that the Lord give you the confidence needed. Preschool is a breeze, I’m sure you’ll have a blast!
        Patience and discipline will come. We each struggle with this at some point and the Lord uses homeschooling to help us grow.

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