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Window of Opportunity August 5, 2012

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Now that the baby is happy to play for a bit but not yet mobile, I have some time (should I say “time”?) to do some experimenting.

Jake is finally on the budgeting bandwagon (well, he’s going to be because I’m going to sneak his debit card out of his wallet tonight while he’s sleeping, so he has no choice. Sorry Babe.) and it feels like our goals are very attainable what with Jake’s willingness and ability to work insane amounts of overtime. So. Some other changes are due though, to get us to where we want to be and keep us there.

I’ve read posts about people who shop once a month, but ehhh. I am just not thinking that’s viable for us. If I had a deep freezer maybe, but unless I want one of those in my bedroom, that’s not happening. So. I’m shooting for every two weeks with one trip midway to restock milk and produce. My goal right now is to get our budget for groceries down by $100 a month for now, and then see if I can get it down any more from there.

This is my two-week meal plan staring tomorrow:

meatloaf/green beans/scalloped potatoes

stir fry

burritos with chips and salsa


green chile pork tacos

grill-probably burgers and fries


chicken nuggets and fries

chicken/rice with asparagus

breakfast for dinner night

pork chops/mac and cheese/spinach

roast chicken/veggie/potatoes


Those are how they are in order right now, but I see a few changes I should make-I’ll probably switch the nuggets night with the stir fry night.

My shopping total for this week was $220.54. Whoo hoo! This might actually work. Oh, and I also waited until he got home and just me and the baby went. It was practically a vacation.

I’m thinking I can set up two two-week menus, then make two big master grocery lists. I can’t even express how exciting to me that sitting down every week and making menus and corresponding lists might be a thing of the past. I hate menu planning.


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