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Some Excitement August 5, 2012

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So. Yesterday. It was A Day. One of those really frustrating days where the words “Are you KIDDING me?” escaped my lips over and over.


Finally, finally we got to dinner time. I was so relieved. The kids would be contained from that point on-dinner to bath to (thank goodness) bed. As I was dishing out the food, I though to myself “I smell baby powder”. I can’t even remember what made me come out of the kitchen, but I hadn’t been mistaken about the smell. Lucy had dumped almost an entire jar of powder all over the house, and Adeline helped by walking through it. That stuff is hard to clean up.


We made it through dinner and bath and Lucy’s furious protestations at being put to bed with no stories (the consequence for the powder incident). I had just sat down to feed Hazel and Adeline screamed for me from her room. I want in to her and she had her hand on her face and I thought she had told me she had a big spider on her nose. But no, what she was saying was that there was a big marble IN her nose.  It wasn’t a marble, it was a plastic bead smaller than a pea. She wouldn’t cooperate for me to get it out, so Jake took her into the urgent care when he got home from work (maybe 20 minutes after it actually happened). Gotta love a small town, they were in and out in less than a half hour, with a big sneeze being the thing that ultimately took care of the issue.




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