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July 4 July 5, 2012

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Man, what a day.

We live in a tiny, tiny town, but the 4th of July is a big deal around here. I don’t really know why, but there you go.

This morning started out with a parade-do most places have parades at 8:30 in the morning?  Especially this year with the clouds and cooler than normal temperatures, I think a 10 AM start would have been nice. But anyway, we got up and managed to get all five of us, plus the puppy, out the door and to the main street in time to actually see the whole thing. The whole thing meaning about ten vehicles, and a good deal of those were people who are up in the next election. The puppy did well for her first trip out of the yard. There were a couple of sit down and refuse to walk episodes, and at one point I just stuck her in Lucy’s lap in the stoller, but mostly she did pretty well. The whole thing-leaving, walking to the main street, watching the parade, stopping at the store for breakfast donuts and then walking home-took less than an hour. There’s just something about seeing everyone come out like that though, just to watch this dinky parade, that makes me love this place even more.

We brought the kids home with grand plans for the day-free bowling! Free swimming! But I ended up taking a nap while Jake caught up on his DVRed shows. My nap was cut sadly short though, when Lucy started yelling from her room.  Her nap had turned into her getting into things (oh I miss the crib). She had put on seven of Hazel’s onesies, and then had both of her arms stuck through the sleeve of the eighth. Needless to say, I’m moving Hazel’s clothes to a shelf in the closet after that fun experience.

The real fun was supposed to be this afternoon, a whole festival was set up with food and games and all sorts of excitement. We loaded everyone up again and got one house down when we realized the sky was looking very ominous and then it started thundering. We’re nothing if not flexible though, so we just moved everyone into the car, figuring like most other days, it was just a teaser and everything would blow over. By the time we got to the festival (two minutes) we were watching cloud to ground lightening hit all around us and it started to rain. Pretty much we parked as everyone else was leaving. I feel bad for the organizers, they had to have put so much work into that, only to have it ruined by the weather. Who would guess that the fourth of July in Arizona would be nearly cancelled by rain? Poor Adeline was so disappointed, she had been so looking forward to the Fourth of July party and the cake she was certain they would have. Once we got her home and got some dinner in her, she felt better.

Jake’s brother came over after he got of work to grill and watch fireworks. He’s Adeline’s favorite uncle, so that improved her day vastly. She bounced back and forth between watching her usual evening shows (current favorite: Godzilla-The Original Animated Series, 1978. She calls it Edzillo) and running outside to hang out with the boys. The timing seemed to work out for her to have one of her shows end right as the fireworks were supposed to start, but they were running late and we found out Adeline’s patience runs out at just about exactly 10 minutes. She lost interest in fireworks and came back inside. I was hoping the babies would both sleep through, but no such luck with Lucy. Poor thing was so scared she was shaking. Being outside was unacceptable, but she would watch them from the living room window (seriously-small town FTW).  It took quite some time to convince her to go back to bed. I hope next year it is fun for her. Hazel slept through, the dogs seemed unconcerned, but I haven’t seen one of the cats since the fireworks started. The other cat is doing that big-eyed jump at every sound thing, I hope he can relax before he gives himself an ulcer.


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