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Lost July 1, 2012

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Yesterday we ate lunch out of state.  We weren’t on vacation, there was no good reason for us to even BE in out of state, but there we were.


The whole thing started last Monday when I signed up to pick up a Bountiful Baskets order in a little town east of us.  There are no pick-up locations in the town where we live, so I chose one nearby, thinking we’d go pick up our order and then go down to the city to do our other grocery shopping.


Haha. No.


What happened was this:

we got a call telling us our basket was ready early. So we loaded up and headed out from where we live to where I thought we were going. The directions indicated the location was “the only park in town”. So I drove us through the town, saw no park. So I turned around and drove through again. No park. I pulled over and looked at a map and realized we weren’t even in the right town-like 30 miles not even in the right town.


So we went to the right town. I saw a sign about a park, so I followed the sign. We got to the park, and it was like a scene out of a horror movie. Totally abandoned, chain link fences everywhere, empty pool…So I called the number that had called me about the order being ready early and they gave me directions to the right park. The right park, incidentally, was really very nice. The Bountiful Baskets volunteers were awesome and helped me get my produce to the car and the kids and I headed out.


The next part of my plan was to go shopping in the city and then head home. But I saw a sign that said Dukeville (not the real name) 36 miles, which I figured was actually closer than our regular shopping city, so I thought what the heck, we’ll try it. So we got on the road and drove and drove…and when we got there, I discovered Dukeville is pretty much a giant truck stop. They don’t even have a proper grocery store. So, foiled at every turn apparently. We had lunch to kill some time and then headed home.


We drove back through the basket pick-up city, and instead of staying right like I should have, I went left. It isn’t the most fun feeling ever to be in the middle of the desert, in the summer, and have the realization you have no idea where you are. I started seeing signs for cities I knew, so I stopped worrying, but I was very, very irritated when I realized my mistake.


So it turns out the image that I had in my mind of where we live is nowhere near what the actual map looks like. But hey, now I know, we got to have lunch in another state, we killed the entire day which was the point anyway, and it was kind of fun.  AND we still got the grocery shopping done, just in our local store (I hate our local store. The produce is always nasty and they  are in the middle of a remodel so it is impossible to find anything), and home in time for me to have Jake’s dinner ready for him to take to work. All’s well that ends well.


And just for fun, here is a visual of our trip:



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