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Reflections June 28, 2012

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There is only one mirror in our house, the medicine cabinet over our bathroom sink.


This past weekend we went to Phoenix and stayed with my dad, and he has a full length mirror in his hallway.


I know after having three babies in four years has left me feeling not so fabulous, but I really had no idea how awful I look. Yeesh.  You know how they talk about people who start out large and lose a lot of weight but still see the old them in the mirror? That is what is happening to me, in reverse. In my mind I am 25 pounds lighter and still in my pre-babies body. But my mind needs to catch up to reality, because this is not so good.


Knees down-no problems. Knees to hips-cellulite. Hips to chest-belly, muffin top, back fat. Chest to neck-arm fat.  And all of this is packaged in cheap, ill-fitting, frumpy clothing.


Gross.  Time to stop goofing around and get myself back into shape. I’ve got my new running shoes, a favorite yoga DVD and tonight I’m going to find a good core/ab workout to start. My current goal is to run a straight mile without stopping. I don’t own a scale and don’t intend to buy one. All I want is to not be all bulgy, what weight or pants size isn’t important to me, but I do have a pair of size 11 jeans that I’d like to be able to wear.


I feel very fortunate that they only (haha, “only”) major change I need to make is in the physical activity department. We eat pretty well around here already, so there aren’t many changes there I need to make.


The next four nights are going to be workout DVDs since Jake is on night shifts. I want to start taking the kids on a short walk in the evenings too just to wind down the day and kill a little time so maybe we can bump back Lucy’s bedtime without making everyone in the house crazy.


One Response to “Reflections”

  1. Kristi Says:

    I have often said this exact thing–I still feel like a skinny girl and am often shocked when I see myself in a photograph and realize what I actually look like. I’ll pick up size 4 pants and think they look like something I could probably fit into only to realize that I actually wear a 10 now…with the muffin top above them. But I’m super proud of what my body has accomplished in the past couple of years, so if it’s less tight and toned that’s okay. It’s done some good work.

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