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Back to regularly scheduled programming… May 16, 2012

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Why won’t WordPress and Facebook play nicely together? Frustrating

I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed. I think this mood started last night when I watched The Practice (always a bad idea) and it made me cry, and it has carried over into today. When I checked in with Twitter this morning I read about a sad and terrible loss.  Lucy has been in a funk all day (well, the portion of the day she’s been up-from about 8-12. She’s napping now and will hopefully be much cheerier when she gets up). Adeline was okay earlier  but seems to be on a downward spiral. I am sick of making food period-I got sick of cooking so I’ve been on strike and we’ve been eating salads and sandwiches and other very quick and easy meals-and now I am flat out sick of food. No more salads, no more sandwiches. I threw a can of beer, six chicken breasts and a half a jar of barbeque sauce in the crockpot so hopefully that will be dinner-I’m picturing shredded chicken sandwiches-if I can get us up to the store for buns and some sort of side.

I feel like I’m right on this edge between being totally unproductive and ready to just go crazy getting things done. Getting back to life again.

My sewing machine has been seeing regular action, and if tonight goes well, both big girls will have new dresses tomorrow. My mom has requested a bag, and I have the fabric that I want to use in the kitchen picked out, pending Jake’s approval. With just a few other odds and ends taken care of, and maybe some paint, the kitchen will be done.

The biggest and most important thing that I want to tackle is getting on a better routine and start doing more deliberate and hands on things with the kids. It just feels like we get to the end of every day and it feels like we just haven’t accomplished anything. Somehow Adeline knows how to count almost to ten (which is probably from Sesame Street) and she’s starting to understand the concept of letters (which is probably from Super Why).  I’m not interested in any sort of curriculum since I don’t think anything more than play-based is necessary at this age, but I do want to start having at least some sort of purpose to our days/weeks.

That was a bit of a brain dump, but some certain infant in our house won’t nap and a particular three year old is acting her age today, so I can’t quite keep up a linear train of thought.


One Response to “Back to regularly scheduled programming…”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Boo, the fabric links didn’t work 😦 Are you making curtains?

    I SO hear you on being sick of cooking. If I could take a pill for nourishment instead of eating a meal, I’d probably do it about 90% of the time (and make everybody else in my family do it, too).

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