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Ugly May 9, 2012

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I never intended this to be a place for real seriousness. I intended it to be a place where I’d write down silly stories about my kids, maybe the occasional post about my struggles as a parent, but nothing of real gravity.


Tonight, though, as I sit here literally shaking with anger, I turn to this place because I need to vent.


I’ll admit to not being totally up on current events. I didn’t know about the vote in North Carolina until after the fact. I saw some people that I know voice their disagreement with the turn of events in that state through comments or blog posts. I felt sad and disappointed with the world.


Then, today, I saw that the President came out in support of gay marriage. Well, that’s happy news. I mean, you can kind of tell how a politician feels about an issue by the way they vote, and he did repeal DADT, but to have him speak up like this felt encouraging. Restored my faith a little bit.


Tonight I checked in on Facebook. And the first thing I saw was a verse from the Bible, one that was apparently posted to clarify the poster’s stance on homosexuality. (She’s apparently not a fan.) I typed and deleted several responses, and finally just replied with Matthew 7:2, and then unfriended her.


There is so much ugly in this world. So much anger, so much hate. And people are seriously fighting against marriage? How on earth does allowing MORE love to come into the world in a tangible way turn into a bad thing in anyone’s eyes? How? Why do people care so very much? I just don’t understand it.


I am disgusted by people. And yes, my intolerance of people’s intolerance is hypocritical. But my dislike of intolerance isn’t ever going to be anything remotely close to walking all over another person’s right to live their life as a human being, so I can live with it.



4 Responses to “Ugly”

  1. Samantha Says:

    I can tell you are extremely pationate about your thoughts here, and I agree, how can letting more love enter the world be a bad thing. Where I do disagree is that the bible does talk about this being sinful, and the link you provided for Mathew 7:2 makes me feel that my oppinion and probably biased view of gay marriage is fine. See you can judge, but you gotta be prepared for what comes when you do. I don’t think Gay marriage is ok, but if you’d like to point out something in my life that you think is sinful, please do. I know how you feel about Christians pointing fingers and putting people down, I feel that way myself a lot of the time about people in my own family, and outside it too… I try to love people the way God loves them, and the way I feel he calls me to love my children. I teach my children daily sometimes I feel like it is more like every minute, what God approves and what he doesn’t not approve, and I don’t cram it down their throats that if they do something wrong then God wont love them, but I do tell them not to behave in such a way that it turns their backs from God, because he wants to love them. If you love a person enough they will want to do what is right to please you, and I feel that God is pleased by our attempts to be sin free, and I want to be like God, so if I love a person enough hopefully they will want to do what Pleases God simply because I love God…and hoppefully one day they will know him in the way that I do, and hopefully we both will grow to know him better daily. I hope that you don’t take offence to this, and I wont argue my point, this will be my one and only comment about it, and if you don’t like it feel free to remove it, but I just thought I’d clarify that sometimes when people post those bible verses they don’t mean to come across as rude as it seems, they just don’t know another way to put their hearts out there and let people know how they feel so it comes across harsh and mean, and unfeeling and yes, ugly.

    • themamabeth Says:

      I’m glad you responded Samantha.

      The way I understand that verse is that it is not okay to judge unless you are completely above sin, which as I understand from the Bible, no one is except Jesus himself.

      So when people post those verses about why they support these laws getting passed, it seems to me that they are taking the stance of the one person they claim to have the right to pass any sort of judgement on other people.

      It is one thing to say “I love you and I want to show you the Bible” and giving someone the opportunity to come know God’s love like you do. It is another thing for someone to decide based on their own code, based on a Bible not everyone believes is the ultimate law, who is and is not a person worthy of living a full and complete life. By passing these laws, they are essentially cramming the Bible down everyone’s throats, and forcing their will upon others.

      • Samantha Says:

        I get your point.btw your link for matthew 7: 2 does not talk about the verse the same way that you interpret the verse.

      • themamabeth Says:

        You’re right. It was a case of reading what I wanted to rather than what it said. I understand it better now.

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