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Back at it April 22, 2012

Filed under: Life Is Good — themamabeth @ 10:35 pm

Today was good!

We got some stuff moved around-brought more toys into the living room so they can play out here instead of being stuck in their rooms, and got some more organizing done.

I think tomorrow we’ll try to start our Mother’s Day presents for the grandmas. We’ll see how motivated I am after I get done dealing with the insurance company. I am anticipating not getting my way with them, but there is still that hope in the back of my mind that they’ll see things my way. I’m irritated with myself for not checking into this more. It isn’t that huge of a deal, but it is still an expensive mistake on my part.

Things are going so much better. I feel guilty about not doing “real” dinners, but it is so nice not having to cook. Anyway, it’s going to be too hot here pretty soon to even attempt it, so I might as well get used to it, right?


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