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So Amped March 23, 2012

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Sometime this week, Jake, the kids and I are going to head back home.  We’re home! We came back on Tuesday. My mom is coming up tomorrow for another week to help with the kids while we readjust and get settled back in.

We have so many plans for this summer-places to go, things to do. My list of projects is a mile long. I’m trying to get everything organized in my head so perhaps I can actually finish something instead of making a thousand to-do and idea lists (hello, Pinterest).

So far, my ultimate goals are to:

  • get the garden planted (since I started this post, I’ve transplanted the broccoli outside, and have new broccoli started inside and plans to plant lettuce tomorrow)
  • get flowers planted along the back of the house
  • get flowers in the front beds
  • get grass planted in the front
  • finish planning the back yard and start making those plans happen
  • learn to use Photoshop and my camera
  • get the house decorated and finally arranged how we want it (three kids, one room + playroom?)
  • stay on top of sewing and knitting projects (finished a pair of pants for the baby last night)
  • trim $100/month off our grocery budget (which will start next month because I murdered the grocery budget this month. Oops.)
  • manage our budget in order to get us in our ideal financial situation

Most of my bullet points have their own sets of bullet points. It should be overwhelming, but I’m really looking forward to being busy and purposeful. Running our household is my job, and back when I was pregnant and very limited, I was feeling burned out and bored with my job. I couldn’t do half of what I wanted to, and it was frustrating.


Now that I’m home and not pregnant, I am still really excited about getting all of this done. Hazel is a great sleeper and an easy baby (knock on wood), and I don’t need a nap in the afternoons anymore like I did before-which frees up a ton of time. I’m so motivated!


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