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Hazel March 15, 2012

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Sunday morning I called Jake and told him I wanted him to come back to Phoenix; he had gone back home for a few days because he had to work. We had gone back and forth about him going back at all, and we ended up deciding, based on the fact that I felt fine, that it wouldn’t be a big deal and he would make it back with no problem sinceI fully expected to go all the way to my due date before the baby came. But Sunday morning, all that had changed, and I wanted my husband. I still encouraged him to get some sleep and to take his time-I really thought I was blowing things out of proportion or just having a case of wishful thinking.

By early afternoon, I was calling Jake again, and this time I was encouraging him to come. Now. I was feeling panicky and worried, and I felt like I had consumed an entire pot of coffee.  Very strong coffee.  Eventually [finally] Jake was on the road, and after a warning from DPS, he made it to Phoenix just in time for dinner. He helped my mom with the kids, and we had a fairly normal evening. I was having contractions by this point, but I was sitting at the table eating dinner through them, and I even took the kids up and did the normal bedtime routine myself. At that point I was starting to feel a little bad about asking him to come home.

Right around 9:30 my contraction-counting app was telling me I was between 3-4 minutes apart, and I decided we needed to go. Since I’m a little bit of a planner, everything was totally ready, we just had to let my mom know we were leaving and page our midwife. I was really happy that the kids were asleep, it made it a lot easier to leave quickly.

The drive was uneventful, and by the time we were about to get off the freeway the contractions were stronger but not unmanageable. Our midwife had gotten there enough time ahead of us that she had the tub filled for me, and so I walked straight from the car into the tub. I was still able to talk between the contractions, but they were strong enough at that point that I had to concentrate through them. I don’t know how many I had-maybe three or four-and then I felt things change. I could actually feel the baby moving down, and I remember saying “okay” out loud when it was time to push. Sometime around this point was when my water broke, and then ten minutes later, we had a baby.

It was exactly what I wanted it to be, the entire experience was just perfect. Our midwife said a couple of things the entire time-just encouraging or reassuring me, but never bossing or directing me. It was peaceful and calm, and after the baby was born we got the chance to lay down together as a family and catch a couple of hours of sleep before we went home.

We left the birth center as the sun was coming up, and got home before my mom and the kids were awake. It was exactly my perfect-world scenario. The kids were asleep when we left and we got home before they woke up in the morning-it was a good transition. Adeline came into the living room and the look on her face when she climbed up on the couch and realized I was holding a baby was priceless. Lucy was (and still is, three days later) a little unsure, but I think she is coming around.

Hazel was born at 10:39 PM, 9 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long.


4 Responses to “Hazel”

  1. Mandie Says:

    Sounds like the perfect birth. SO glad Jake made it back to you! Welcome to the world Hazel.

    • adeline fendley Says:

      I am so glad you posted this. I loved hearing the story. It sounds as if you scripted the whole process. I had no idea you were going with the totally natural process, but it sounds a lot better than some of the other “methods” of delivery, and so peaceful, too. She is beautiful,but so are you and the other two girls. I know you will, but enjoy them and love them, give them a kiss from me,You too, Jake.

  2. nursewoodland Says:

    so happy for you Beth!! I love hearing your about your birth stories too. sounds so healthy and so much natural than.. “And then I got my epidural and 36 hours later, i ended up having a c-section”. I hope to take pointers from you when i decide to have a baby. congrats again!

  3. themamabeth Says:

    Thanks guys! Erin-it is easy for me to have those births because I have super fast and easy labors. I seriously doubted I was even in labor this time until about a half hour before she was actually born.

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