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The Last? March 11, 2012

Filed under: Labor and Delivery — themamabeth @ 1:27 pm

This is likely my last blog post before I’m officially the mother of three.

Right now, Jake is hours and hours away from where I am.  I am 90% sure I am in pre-labor. I am 100% freaking out.

It is driving me batty that the house and my car are a mess. I’m not ready! Not ready because there’s crumbs on the carpet. That’s a little silly, no? But I am too afraid to trigger real labor to clean. That, and we’re staying at my mom’s-would that be weird, to start cleaning her house all the sudden? Even if it was my kids who made the mess? Once Jake gets here all bets are off, and I’m cleaning though. Just thinking about it makes me feel calmer.


Jake is on his way, left home around 1:45, so he should be here by six. My mom gets home in about a half hour, maybe a little more. I am feeling pretty certain we’ll have a baby very soon, tonight maybe. I don’t want to wait until the last minute this time, but I don’t want to go too early either. It is going to be a long four hours.



My mom came home and took the girls out to run errands. I got some things done-it was vital that I hung up some laundry apparently, and I packed a “in case we have to leave before bedtime” bag with jammas and diapers.  Now, I’m parked on the couch until the kids are back. I’m showing 25 minutes since the last contraction, but that’s not entirely right because there were a couple while I was upstairs. This baby is going to follow Lucy’s pattern, just watch.


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