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Things to remember… February 8, 2012

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Yesterday some of Jake’s friends stopped by, and they had their dog in the back of their truck. Lucy saw him and was just beside herself with excitement. They brought him in for her to pet, and then sent him back to the truck. For the rest of the time they were there, all she could do was try to get back to that dog. She tried to  climb the fence to get to him, and when that didn’t work, she found a tennis ball (which the dog was absolutely not interested in) and stood at the fence waving the ball around and making a kiss-kiss noise trying to get the dog to come back to her. I guess the kid needs a puppy.

Adeline has been picking up phrases lately and her newest one is “it was here in a minute ago”. And she keeps telling me that she’s going to do something for two minutes, or that she’s had something for two years.

She’s really getting into the baby thing, and she talks about how Hazel is still growing and she can’t come until she’s big enough to fit into her new pajamas.


Adeline tells me that she’s going to be tiny, or that she’s not a big girl a lot recently. Then other times she’ll mention that she’s going to get as big as me, or that she’s growing just like Lucy is.

She is really into eggs and hatching, but she says that her eggs are “catching”.

If I’m cooking something, she likes to help-which means she stands on a chair next to me and grabs my hand before I add ingredients and exclaims “Just don’t make a mess mama!” Thanks for that kid.


One Response to “Things to remember…”

  1. Samantha Says:

    That is adorable… Caeden (my son) has started saying “last year” as in “I got that last year” even if he has only had it a day, and telling me that he is going to “grow little again”…. I love the stuff they say!

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