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Twas the night before November 23, 2011

Filed under: Family — themamabeth @ 7:51 pm

I love holiday eves. The night before has so much promise, and the anticipation is so much fun.


We had originally planned on driving to Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving at my dad’s, but ended up deciding to just stay home. I bought everything to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and spent a good chunk of today doing most of the baking-well, I made an apple pie (crust from a box) and the rolls, and I got some cinnamon rolls ready to be baked for breakfast tomorrow. I have a detailed schedule written out for tomorrow to finish the baking (a pumpkin pie) and then I’ll put the turkey in the oven and try to manage to get everything else cooked in time to eat. We decided not to choose a time to eat, just whenever it gets done.


Jake had taken days off since we had planned on going to Phoenix, so we are going to go camping for the weekend. This will be our first ever family vacation. I’m equally excited and nervous, I’m not much of a traveler or a camper so…


There’s a lot to do right now between the holiday and the trip, but I’m  just kind of going with it and not stressing out. It helps that Jake’s been off work for the past few days and has been here to help me.  The most difficult part of the trip is going to be getting our Christmas card picture done. We had done some a while back, but of course I didn’t upload them to flickr, and wouldn’t you know the harddrive on my computer crashed. (We just won’t talk about the fact that the two-week-old Toshiba I bought from Best Buy is now useless…)


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