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I can see the future… November 4, 2011

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I’m probably jinxing myself with this, but I think we are getting to the end of this rough phase we’ve been going through for the past few months.

Adeline had a classic case of the Terrible Twos, and Lucy was just being age-appropriate, but I find months 12-18 particularly challenging. (Seriously, if I could just give birth to 18-month-olds I totally would. I will take a herd of tantruming two-year-olds over a toddler who doesn’t have any concept of the word no or personal safety. I despise repeating myself, and that is with a toddler.)


Lucy is responding to no now and following simple directions. Adeline’s language is totally exploding, from her pronunciation to her use of proper speech. Tantrums and melt-downs are becoming fewer and farther between, and I’m able to talk her through them a lot easier now too. The one issue that seems to be getting worse is that the kids seem to be fighting with each other a lot more, but I think that’s just to be expected. There’s a lot of grabbing and jealousy-if one has something, the other one suddenly NEEDS it. It is hugely aggravating, but eventually I’ll either figure out how to deal with it better or they’ll start getting along.


I am getting super excited about the holidays this year. Adeline really gets it, and it is going to be so much fun. The hardest part is going to be reining ourselves in. She’s so awesome, it is hard to not just get everything we think that she might like. Lucy shows a lot more interest in things than Adeline did at 17 months, so I think she’s going to be really fun this Christmas too. The only problem with her is that we already HAVE everything, so I’m having a hard time figuring out what her fun and special gifts are going to be. We do clothes and shoes and practical stuff as gifts, but I want to give them fun stuff too, and toys that they will be able to call their own. With three girls that are going to be so close in age, holidays are going to get tricky.

Supposedly three is harder than two, but I’ve also heard that it is way fun because it is when they really start wanting to be independent, which I am all for. I feel like I have this great easy break coming up between Lucy turning two and the new baby hitting the Age of Doom. I’m sure there’s some phase waiting around the corner to ambush me, but for now, I’ll take it!


2 Responses to “I can see the future…”

  1. Mandie Says:

    I agree with the 18 month old thing. It’s so much easier when I can communicate with my children and when they can communicate with me. Dawson is finally out of tantrums over everything stage and like you said I can talk him through them now. I’m also SUPER excited for the holidays this year probably b/c our extended family has grown by 3 babies in the last 3 months and that doesn’t include our newest. So we’ll have babies everywhere!

  2. Samantha Says:

    So is baby number 3 a girl? Also congratulations! It has been so long since I heard from you I had no idea you were expecting!

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