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Crazy Town November 3, 2011

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My house is totally in shambles right now and it is driving me insane. I decided a while back that things needed to be more organized, I had opened a closet and had the contents fall on my head one too many times. Somehow though, things are worse? After I spent a ton of time planning, and a ton of money on various containers and cabinets, there’s more chaos now than there was a couple of weeks ago.

There are a couple of obvious obstacles that I just can’t seem to overcome. First of all, we still actually live here and the members of this household actually seem to expect me to feed them and keep the house somewhat sanitary despite any projects that I want to get done. Second of all, the children. Always wanting to play and eat. So pesky. (Not really.) Also, it is so nice outside right now, so we’re spending our mornings outside and so that leaves me naptime (when I like to nap too thankyouverymuch) or the time between nap and dinner. And the time between nap and dinner? Is not a good time around here. Mornings, everyone is great, getting along, playing nicely. Late afternoon? They are either trying to kill each other or themselves.

Tomorrow is grocery shopping, which involves about 4 hours and a 100 mile round trip, and I am already dreading coming back home to this disaster with MORE CRAP that need to be put away, and that will eventually create MORE WORK for me because I’m going to have to end up cooking most of it.

I have six days to get this mess handled, because in six days I’m going out of town, and I’m likely to just refuse to come back if order hasn’t been restored around here.


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