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A little bit of Adeline July 18, 2011

Filed under: Baby Cakes — themamabeth @ 12:53 pm

Some recent Adeline-isms…

-too tall enough

-no, sorry

-oh, sure

-She says my instead of I. So she’ll say “My did a good job!”

-today there was apparently a flock of frogs about 6 feet off the floor that she was trying to catch.  I have no idea if they were floating or flying, just that it required her to stand on various pieces of furniture to get them.

-since we just celebrated Lucy’s birthday, she’ll all about birthday cake and hats.

-She’s got the most amazing imagination, and we spend a lot of time pretending. There’s a full set of gymnastics equipment throughout our house that only she can see, and she takes things off the pages of books to carry around with her. She’ll give me “things” and I’ll put them in my pocket, and hours later she’ll come back and ask for them.

-Jake dug out the first of two flower beds for me this weekend. I forgot how literal 2 year olds are, and she thinks it is a bed, and spent the whole time he was working laying down in “the bed”.

She’s just the best.


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