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Lucy Lucy Lucy July 1, 2011

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Oh Lucy. This kid is going to be the end of me. She has no fear, and no concept of personal safety.

Adeline was so easy compared to this kid. Now, we have had to lock all of the cabinets to keep her from doing things like sitting in colanders, or using pots as steps to try to access the top of the stove. Everything is either a step stool or a ladder. I’ve confiscated and hidden so many toys that I am running out of storage.

And I’m spending hours upon hours of searching on Amazon for various baby jail options.If I don’t find a way to safely contain her, we’re going to be eating pb&j and I can kiss any sort of housework goodbye.

She has this “death scream” that she does when she’s tired, or particularly mad. I swear it’ll make your ears bleed, it is one of the most awful noises I have ever heard. Gets her what she wants though, so it’s certainly effective.

She’s not all bad though. She loves her dogs and she likes the cats. She’s a master at manipulating her environment and I love watching her scope out a room, locate the movable objects and proceed to start rearranging. She watches everything that Adeline does and tries to mimic her, much to Adeline’s dismay.

She’s so smart too, and a little devious. Yesterday I was cooking dinner and Jake discovered that she had climbed up on the couch. Since he was getting ready for work and couldn’t watch her, I put the gate up to keep her in the kitchen with me. As soon as she discovered that she was trapped, she went around to every.single.thing she KNOWS she isn’t supposed to mess with and proceeded to try to get herself kicked out. It didn’t work, but it was pretty entertaining to watch her watch me to see if I was going to react to her misbehavior.

She gives hugs, and holds on tight when we’re holding her. I think she’s starting to give kisses too, but right now it is more of a lick than a kiss. She’ll run into my arms. She has the best smile and squeals with joy at just about everything. She eats everything except for ice cream (if she hadn’t been born at home I’d think she was switched at birth), and some meals she eats hers, most of Adeline’s and some of mine too.

We love our Mushy, and it’s just going to keep on getting better.


One Response to “Lucy Lucy Lucy”

  1. Judah is the same way! e’s totally giving me a run for my money 🙂

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