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On the road AGAIN May 13, 2011

Filed under: On My Own,On the Road,The Pets — themamabeth @ 9:57 pm

The kids and I are back in Phoenix. Before we moved, I had thought that I would miss it, at least a little. I don’t. Not one bit. It is big and ugly and overwhelming. It doesn’t help that I am very bitter about this trip. Which, I really shouldn’t be, because it is all about good things-getting the house cleaned and ready for someone to live in and seeing Jake’s family. But it is just meaning more time for us to be apart, and by the time we get back home, he’s going to be on night shifts again so it’s going to be like a week before we get some normal time. BUT, his next days off are going to be awesome because it is his seven off. So I guess that’s good.

We brought Daisy with us since she’s totally petrified of Jake. She is so good, she rode most of the way in Lucy’s lap, which is hilarious because at home she avoids Lucy like the plague. Lucy loves her a little TOO much and tends to grab on and not let go, but I guess for some reason that dynamic changes in the car. Maybe Daisy knows she can escape easily since Lucy is stuck in the carseat?

Tomorrow is going to be BUSY. We’ve got to get up and get the house cleaned-hopefully all the way so we don’t have to come back on Sunday. Then we’re having dinner with Jake’s family who are all going to be in town also. It’ll be fun to see all the cousins together, though, and I have cool in-laws so I’m actually looking forward to it. We don’t have any other plans, but I want to try to hang out with my dad so that’s putting us at Monday for the trip home. As much as I don’t want to be here, I also don’t want to drive back so I’m debating whether or not we should wait until Jake’s days off to come home again. I guess that’ll depend on whether or not the damn dog behaves herself (the one we left there, not Daisy-Little Miss Separation Anxiety did a number on the windows and curtains from what I hear).


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