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Last Night April 29, 2011

Filed under: Family — themamabeth @ 7:26 pm

Tonight is our last night in the old house.

I’m sitting on the floor where our couch used to be, watching the TV that is sitting on the floor where the entertainment center used to be. The house is basically empty except for the dog’s pen and our bed. I’m trying to remember what it looked like the day we moved in, and I don’t really. I mean, obviously it looked kind of like this, but I just don’t remember. Too much has changed between now and then.

Other than the obvious sadnesses-leaving behind family and friends-I haven’t come up with much more than that it sucks that I won’t be able to buy my favorite bread anymore. I just really, really despise this place at this point.

Jake’s brother came over to help us load up, and the dogs actually did pretty well. They kind of flipped out, but they settled down fairly quickly. That made me happy-knowing that they really can mind their manners with guests in the house. Poor things are so freaked out right now, I hope that they can settle down soon after we move.

The house is so gross right now, it is embarrassing. I just was barely keeping up with things knowing we were moving, and while I cleaned out behind the oven and fridge, it didn’t occur to me to maybe vacuum or clean out from under the couch. Genius. The kids and I are going to come back in about two weeks to do one more big clean, and then we’ll have carpet cleaners come in. Depending on the cost-aka if it is close to the cost of the gas to get back down here-we may just hire cleaners to come in. That feels like cheating to me though, we messed it up, we should clean it.

One more night. Tomorrow at this time, at least I’ll have a couch to sit on and movies to watch.


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