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Getting whinier April 27, 2011

Filed under: Family — themamabeth @ 8:42 pm

Today is Wednesday, we’re on the road on Saturday. Yesterday went by so slowly, today is flying by. Saturday still seems ages away.
As much as I despise this house, this neighborhood, this part of town, I keep getting little pangs of sadness. Like, my most favorite bread? It is Fry’s brand. There isn’t a Fry’s where we are moving-sad. Okay, that’s the only thing I can think if at the moment that is making me sad. I thought I’d be sad about leaving the house we brought Adeline home to, and where Lucy was actually born, but that isn’t really phasing me.

Adeline is doing well with all of it so far. She gathered up some apples and oranges today and packed them into a little box. She finds the funniest things to pack, not her stuff, but just weird random stuff that is just part of daily life.  I can’t tell if Lucy is a little anxious of if she’s just teething. For the past two days we’ve both ended up napping on the couch, and Adeline has woken up and come out to join us. It is actually really nice. And today Adeline woke up cheerful and had a great rest of the day, which was a huge bonus. Lucy’s getting better at the whole walking thing, which is awesome. She’s so proud of herself. I was kind of hoping she’d hold off for another week or so so we can get the flooring down in the New House, but oh well. I’ll just have to be right on top of her all the time. She’s a climber too, so the walking+the climing? Dangerous business.

I’ve got two boxes left, and way more than two boxes worth of stuff to pack. Jake won’t get home till later in the day tomorrow and he’s got to go get the emissions checked on the car because the registration is due by the 30th. I’m cranky and frustrated, the house is in chaos and things keep going wrong-Adeline tried to flush almost an entire roll of toilet paper, and the toilet overflowed. I still haven’t set up internet or satellite (we decided on that rather than cable-DVR here we come!) or called to cancel our utilities here.

I just want it to be Sunday. Maybe a month from now, where we can be settled, I can do our new budget, I can organize and put away and make plans. The excitement is starting to wear thin, the whole thing is getting tedious. Things will be better tomorrow once Jake is here and I’m not ALONE all the live-long-day.


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