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April 20, 2011

Filed under: Family,On My Own,On the Road,The Pets — themamabeth @ 9:23 pm

Man today was a good day. I’m 100% convinced that dinner ruins everything. Today I made beans and rice, which is more or less ready to go hours early and I just leave it in the pot on low until we are ready to eat.  Not having to prepare dinner around dinner time makes all the difference in the world; I so wish I liked more crock pot meals. Lucy is really starting to change and move out of her baby-ness, and I’m loving every second of it. Her personality is coming out more and more, and she and Adeline are developing an actual real relationship. Leika suddenly decided that she a)knows how to and b) likes fetch. Not sure where that came from, because she’s never played fetch farther than running after a thrown object and losing interest as soon as it stopped moving. She was so into it that she ran THROUGH the screen door, breaking it beyond repair. That was totally my fault for shutting the door, but I had no clue she was going to bring back the ball I threw with such enthusiasm.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy and hectic getting ready to go. I have some strange compulsion that won’t allow me to leave the house messy, so I have a long to-do list before I’m going to be able to get out of here. I’m way excited though, this is going to be more of a vacation than anything else and I get to see the New House for the first time. I’m just going to ignore the insanity that next week is going to be though, considering we (I) have about four days to get everything done so we can just load up and head out on Friday or Saturday.

I’m getting a little sad about moving away all of the sudden. I’ve been so thrilled at the prospect of our family being back together that I’d kind of brushed off the fact that we are leaving a lot of people behind. A friend of ours asked me tonight if I could watch the Second Cutest Baby in the World tomorrow, which I can’t, and it makes me sad that I’m not going to get to be the Emergency Back up when they need a babysitter anymore. I know my parents are bummed that they won’t have such easy access to the grandkids even though they’ve been nothing but supportive about all of this.

Wish us luck! I’ve never driven this far with the kids by myself, and adding the dogs to the mix will make things triply interesting.


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