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April 17, 2011

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Last night Adeline came to my room like she does every night, but when I went to lift her into my bed, she was burning up. And then she puked all over my sheets. Other than being freaked out by the throwing up, she seemed totally unphased, and actually seemed kind of excited to get to camp out on the couch with me while the sheets washed. A second set of sheets just got the top spot on the to-get list.  She’s still sickly but a dose of Motrin wipes the fever out, and she’s eating and drinking. She’s been fever-sick maybe twice ever, so it kind of freaks me out.

I’ve moved past excitement into overwhelmed anxiety about this whole moving thing. I’m workingworkingworking but it doesn’t feel like I am making any progress. I AM, I have to be, but it just doesn’t feel that way. Maybe once I get to the main areas of the house rather than the front bedrooms it’ll be more apparent and I’ll feel like I’m getting somewhere. I also had a kind of detailed schedule for this week, and this whole fever thing throws a wrench in my plans. I’m not going to drag the poor kid out in the heat when she’s feeling rotten, nor am I willing to spread her germs for some other kid to pick up. So, the errands I had planned for tomorrow are a no-go until at least Tuesday. There’s only one we HAVE to get done, which is the PetSmart run to get the car harness for Leika, and I lost Daisy’s collar so we’ll need to get her a new one, but that can be put off as late as Thursday morning since we’re not leaving until the afternoon.  The rest of the stuff can wait until next week, it’ll just make things more rushed later on.

Everything is just so scattered right now, it is making me crazy. I need to get some lists made, maybe some piles and get recentered somehow.


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  1. Samantha Says:

    you WILL get through this move, it is hard, especially with TWO little ones, but take it from me, it is totally possible! And you may not see your progress but whatever you are doing, you will be thankful that you did the things you couldn’t see… it helps a lot when you are unpacking.. plus one day you will wake up and go ‘whoa, there isn’t anything I can do right now’ that feeling may only last two seconds but enjoy it when it hits! I’m praying for you!

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