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April 15, 2011

Filed under: Family,Life Is Good — themamabeth @ 10:06 pm

Lucy and I had a marathon errand running spree today. Three hours, forty miles, six stops. That kid is just amazing. She grinned and charmed the pants off of everyone. She’s teething and she still was a total doll.

Four of our stops were at banks so I could get my accounts switched to my new name. I felt so frumpy! Who knew that “Personal Bankers” were such dapper individuals? It has been a long time since I’ve actually been IN a bank, and things have changed apparently-since when did banks have greeters? It was handy though, to not go to a teller only to be told that I needed someone else. The whole process was about a thousand times easier than I thought it was going to be. I only ruined two forms by signing them with the wrong name.

Things are moving right along as far as our move. Jake will for sure have keys on Monday. I dropped off a ton of stuff at Goodwill today, and I have some other stuff I’m putting out on the curb tomorrow hoping someone will pick it up, which frees up more space in the garage (but ate up four of my precious boxes, grumble). Lucy’s room has been emptied and taped and I hope I can get in there with some paint tomorrow. I also want to really sort out what will be coming down with the girls and me next week. I’m thinking only things that can be put away without actual furniture-so cabinet type stuff, maybe some garage stuff too. We still need to figure out flooring and an oven soon. Jake vetoed my request for a black-and-white checkered floor in the kitchen. He has a valid point about it not matching the cabinets, but I am still bummed. Now I’m leaning towards some sort of greenish? We’re doing those adhesive linoleum tiles in the kitchen and bathroom (rental house!) so it isn’t going to be fancy but I think I’m wanting some color. After living in the house of Tan for the past two years, color sounds kind of nice. My Plan is that we are going to live in the New House for several years while we save up money and Jake settles into his career, then we will pick a location for him to work long-term (his company has more than one location, as in we could actually go as far as moving to a different country (not likely)) and then we will build our Forever House.

I am just floating right now. I’m so in my element, having all of this stuff to do. Hard stuff-painting and fixing. Boring stuff-name changes and errands. Whatever it is, I am busy and I’m doing things that actually matter and are necessary-as in if I don’t do them there would be actual repercussions. It feels really good. I need to figure out a way to translate this feeling into my actual day-to-day life, because even though what I do most of the time is routine, it is still very necessary to the success of my family. Jake is amazing, he’s indulging my excitement as well as my little freakouts and hardly making fun of me at all. After sending him a dozen text messages tonight, I finally called him and I could hear him laughing at me as much as he denied it. He’s so calm and even all the time, he’s a perfect match for my craziness.


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