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Countdown! April 13, 2011

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I totally planned on finishing some painting tonight. Yeah, not so much.


The countdown has begun!


We have…

-One day till payday

-Two days before Yaya day for Adeline, and the day that I will find out if we messed up our taxes in 2008 (messed up in our favor though) and the day I’m going to get my name changed on as many accounts as possible.

-Seven days before the kids and I get to go see Jake and our new house

-10 days before Easter Dinner at my Dad’s

-16 days before Moving Day!


I got some spackling done today, and man I am a spackling artist. Also, what the heck are our doorframes made out of that they are so banged up? Geesh.


The calendar is filled to the top with my to-dos. We’ve GOT to go shopping tomorrow morning, that or starve. I think I can get us through this week on a just a tiny bit of groceries though. Since I want to do a major what-we-eat overhaul (whole nother post but I want to eliminate artificial colorings and HFCS (except for Coke. I’m not giving up my Coke))  after moving, I might as well use up everything that I can before we go.


I love this. I love the anticipation and the planning and the busyness. I love that in two weeks I’ll be living with my husband again. That he’s going to get to see Lucy take her first steps (hear that kid? No walking until we move). We have so much to do! This is going to be great.


One Response to “Countdown!”

  1. It sounds like you are in the midst of exciting times. Enjoy them!

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