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I heard from a friend April 12, 2011

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So, what do you do when your husband reacts to stress differently than you?


Well, you freak the heck out, try to pick a fight, make some drastic and totally unrealistic (and kind of mean) decisions about what the future will hold, all while he more or less goes about his day and lets you make a fool of yourself.


Then, after lots of drama and foolishness, eventually come around, realize he was right all along. BUT, don’t actually admit it. Come up with a “compromise” that is actually what he wanted to do all along but make it sound like it is okay with you because it was your idea.


Not that I would have done any of this. I heard it all from a friend. Yeah, that.


So. The house will be ours as of Monday. Jake goes back down tomorrow. The girls (and dogs) and I will head down late this week  to see the house and get a feel for the place. We’ll move the first week of May. We are pretty sure we have a renter who will move in mid-month. So, as of this moment, we’re golden. We have a few details to work out, but given the extra time we have, they’ll fall into place, just like everything else has. Just like everything always does but I still freak the heck out all the time. Will I ever learn?


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