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Compromise April 12, 2011

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So what do you do when your husband reacts to stress in a totally different way than you, and THAT is contributing to your stress?


It is going to cost us a FORTUNE to move our stuff. (Not really a fortune, but more than I want to pay for sure.) We also have to provide an oven and flooring, both of which are pricey. Trying to come up with a logical plan for getting us and our stuff there, on top of dealing with the housing office is not working out well.


So, I’m freaking out. Jake is calm and going with the flow. His calmness is making me MORE frustrated because I want ACTION dammit. So I’m just getting more and more frazzled and stressed in some twisted attempt to force him into doing something (doing what? I don’t know, SOMETHING. Anything.) I’m not doing us any favors here but I can’t figure out how to recenter myself. Oh, and on top of it all Adeline is picking up on my stress and it is making her act up.


This is a vicious circle we are trapped in right now. I hope that knowing it will help me out of it. Jake’s got the right idea, I just need to figure out how to get on board with his mindset.


2 Responses to “Compromise”

  1. adeline fendley Says:

    Beth, don’t know what is going on, but if I can help,let me know. AddieK

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