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Woo Hoo! April 11, 2011

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The house will be ready by FRIDAY! And today is MONDAY. Less than a week!


This is awesome, but also, oh crap. We have no idea who is going to live here, if anyone.  We have to find flooring, a truck (probably covered by my brother-in-law)…We have to figure out the logistics of getting four people and four animals transported with my sanity in tact (I vote I get kids and dogs, Jake can handle cats). Also, where the heck did our cat carriers go? I need to get all of my stuff updated with my new name (!!!) and go drop off a big Goodwill donation. Someone needs to buy our table to free up that space in the garage… I have a TON of stuff to do here, my goal is to walk out the door and not have to worry about getting back to finish things up.


This is going to require some hard core list-making. It is insane to me that we’ve known we were going to move for the past five months and things are still so chaotic and it feels like we are getting NO notice.




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