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Still Hopeful April 8, 2011

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Jake rode by the house this morning after work (he’s on nights this week) and said it looks good. From what I understand, all that needs to be done is the electrical box and the kitchen counters and some cabinets. We need to set up utilities but that is hard to do without a firm date. Supposedly Monday is the magical day where we will be told what day the house will be ready.


Our current house is in chaos. I’ve emptied out what used to be the office/dog’s room and spread those contents everywhere. I’ve got a bunch of stuff up on Craigslist and another big pile that I’m sticking out on the curb tomorrow with big “Free” signs stuck to it. I wanted to run by Goodwill today but I ran out of time (because I was at the DMV getting my license with my married name!).


I’m more and more excited every day. I cannot WAIT to live with Jake full-time again. This has been going on for FIVE months almost, we’re over it.  Based on our guesses, next week will be our last week here and then we’re done with this town. Hooray!






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