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Two Weeks April 3, 2011

Filed under: Family,Life Is Good — themamabeth @ 10:49 pm

So the word is the house will be ready in two weeks. I am equally hopeful and skeptical.


By ready, I mean that it will be ours (as much as a rental can be). We will have to provide flooring and appliances. Thankfully I have been planning and planning and saving and saving, and I guess all of the delays have been kind of a blessing since we have more money socked away to take care of moving expenses. (See how I found that little silver lining there?)


Jake has been home since Thursday, and he’ll be here until late Wednesday or early Thursday of this week, so we have been very, very busy. We’re tackling all of the home improvement projects we’ve meant to do for the past two years that we never had the time or money to do before. It is frustrating putting in this work and knowing we’re not going to benefit directly from it. We still haven’t decided what to do with the house. I’m more and more inclined to sell it, or try to since that may not even be possible seeing as how the market crashed very shortly after we bought it. In a perfect world, someone we know would rent it, and in a less perfect world the Perfect Tenant will come along and we will all live happily ever after. We just don’t live in a great part of town, and I’m afraid that Bad Things will happen to the house if no one lives here. We have some [well, one] cool neighbors though, maybe they’ll be willing to keep an eye out. Or maybe we can rig up some fancy security cameras or something.


I am Excited. Seriously, this is going to be amazing. Just the past few days with Jake home have been fantastic, being all back together again permanently is going to be awesome. It feels like the real start of our life is just around the corner.




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