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Hopeful March 27, 2011

Filed under: The Pets — themamabeth @ 4:05 pm

The kids and I went to a farmer’s market today. All I bought was a lemon (and that was free, the guy just let me have it) and a bunch of green onions. It is just too expensive to get very many veggies there, as much as I would love to. There was a little local dog show at the park next door, so we wandered over there to check it out. Adeline had a blast stopping to pet the dogs, although half the time she was more interested in the stuffed dogs or dog statues at the different booths. She was more comfortable with the bigger dogs than the little ones, and she got to give a pair of BIG boxers treats, which she thought was awesome.


It gave me some hope that maybe we can get somewhere with Leika if we get some outside help with  training. There was a dog trainer that had a booth there, but I wasn’t very impressed with them. They did suggest I find a group class because that would help de-sensitize Leika to dogs/people and that would help with the issues we have on walks. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to walk into a group class with this insane dog and not have it be a total disaster. So, I called this trainer and left a message, so we’ll see what she says. I had checked into a couple of other places, but this one didn’t immediately start talking money, she asked that I call her to talk about our specific situation, which I appreciated.




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