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March 22, 2011

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I’ve been really trying to pay attention to my attitude the past couple of days, and I’m noticing a big difference. Things have been so much more pleasant, Adeline hasn’t been in time-out since Sunday (!!) and man, this is just nice. I love getting to bedtime and not feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck.  It also occurred to me that I was pushing dinner and bedtime back too far, so by the time I was trying to get everyone down it was turning into a fight. We’ve eaten and done bedtime earlier the past couple of days and that is going better too.


Adeline told me “bless you” the other day when I sneezed. I say it all the time, but it was funny to hear it from her. I commented one day that we needed to run to the store, and she thought I meant literally so she ran to do everything I asked her to do before we left. Hilarious. She’s still using the sounds of things instead of the words to describe things-so she’ll say she achoo in her room, or she muah Lucy. She’s getting closer to being potty trained. I’m just letting her do what she wants, she gets a choice  between o-wears and diapers. Today she mostly went with o-wears and only had two accidents.


Lucy is just as fun as ever. I suspect she’s got another tooth coming in because she’s having a hard time sleeping and she’s a little cranky. She just laughs and laughs all the time. She started cruising furniture, and she can get from one end of the couch to the other awfully quick. We’re moving away from purees to finger-foods and it is so, so nice. I’m totally going to skip purees with the next baby. She’s still nursing, but it’s dropped down to when she’s tired and overnight.


Hopefully later this week we will get some specific info about moving, Jake said the house looks pretty close to done, but it is hard to tell just from driving by. I would LOVE to at least have a ball park date, SOMETHING. I need to plan, make lists, pack! I feel so disconnected right now waiting for this to just happen already. I’m so excited to move and start our new life, I have so many ideas and plans (a garden! the house has a clothesline!) and I just can’t do anything right now and I am getting antsy.


Leika seems to be doing okay without Toly. She’s more mellow I guess, but it is kind of hard to say. She has to stay in the office during the days right now because O is here-no dogs allowed around other people’s kids. We’ve tried a couple of walks with the new stroller and just her, and we’re still struggling. She just pulls SO MUCH and it is so hard with the stroller. If it was just me and her I wouldn’t mind so much, or if she would just walk next to it, but she keeps doing a weird little side-step and her feet get run over which is both annoying and dangerous. I’m going to call a lady I found online about helping me with training. She’s [the dog] got the basics down, and there’s just a few things I need help with-the walking, her food issues (she counter/table surfs and will eat all the cat food if I don’t watch her) barking, and I want someone to watch her interact with the kids. She actually seems to like Adeline and will sit and get petted and just walk away when she’s had enough. Adeline is going really well with moving slowly and quietly around the dog, and we’ve been really practicing how to pet / approach Leika. I’ve also been having Adeline give her treats and she’s in charge of getting the food bowl (but I do the actual feeding) so Leika will associate the kids with good things. I also wish I could find a way to engage her more. She’s not interested in fetch, what else can I do with her? We’ll have a big yard, maybe we can build her one of those agility courses or something? It sucks, she’s got to be bored out of her mind. We’ve got a lot of work to do.



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