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Food for thought March 21, 2011

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Once a week I order pizza. Partially it is because I love pizza (confession: it isn’t even GOOD pizza, just Papa John’s or whoever has a good coupon code and will deliver) and secondly since I’m essentially a single parent right now, I DESERVE a night off from cooking every now and then. Right? Right. Usually Adeline happily eats her pizza, but recently she shoved it away and demanded carrots (kerits).  I rejoiced at her awesomeness and how I was so lucky to have such a great eater and not have to deal with the usual toddler eating issues that a lot of people face. Heh.


It’s been DAYS since she’s actually eaten a meal. She’ll sit at the table with me, but she only picks at what is in front of her. It is so, so hard not to nag her about eating. I typically end up offering something else, especially at dinner time; I don’t want to have to make her a meal at 1 AM because she wakes up starving. I’m not particularly concerned, she still eats during the day, and well–one of her favorite snacks is a slice of multi-grain bread and a spoon full of peanut butter–but MAN it bugs me to have her leave the table with a full plate. (I usually save it and eat it myself later.)


I refuse to turn this into a fight though. It is a phase, it will pass. It helps that she’s not asking for something different than what I’m making, or even being picky, she just doesn’t seem to be hungry when she’s “supposed” to be.


At least SOMEbody is eating.


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