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2011 in 2011 March 19, 2011

Filed under: A Better Me — themamabeth @ 7:17 am

2 women’s sweaters

3 casual shirts

1 dress

1 infant toy

1 pair women’s jeans

1 pair high heeled shoes

30 items infant clothing

3 pairs infant shoes

5 women’s shirts

3 women’s pants

1 men’s shorts

1 men’s tshirt

1 jacket

6 picture frame

1 photo album


1 camp chair

1 box old cookies

1 duffle bag

Clothes x3

Fabric growth chart

=67 items, top part of the list is all Goodwill.

Grand total: 115

Kitchen 3/22

1 big bag recycle that had been hanging around

1 bowl

1 candle

1 pitcher

1 set tops for bowls and stuff that didn’t work

1 bag miscellaneous trash and such cleaned out of drawers

Total 6

Grand Total: 121


1 pair bowling shoes

1 handful recipes we didn’t like

3 bottles expired meds

1 bottle oil for a diffuser

1 bag trash from freezer (leftovers we’ll never eat)

1 bag trash from fridge (WHY did we have three jars each with 1 single pickle spear???)

1 handful things from pantry

Grand Total: 130



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